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Coloring Your Concrete

Colored and stamped concrete can increase the value of your property by enhancing the appearance of entryways, decks, and patios. Not only can you add exciting colors and finishes to new concrete additions, there is an increasing amount of color products available to transform existing “basic” concrete with a beautiful fresh look.

Colored Concrete is a Great Idea!

  • It adds beauty and value to your home
  • With coloration the possibilities are limited only by your imagination
  • Coloration is fade resistant and weather proof
  • Decorative concrete offers a variety of colors, textures and patterns

Stamping Your Concrete

Concrete stamping creates permanent patterns such as London Cobblestone, Mexican Tile and Ashler Slate in your concrete. It can be hard to tell the difference between real stone and stamped concrete!

Benefits of Stamping Concrete:

  • Durable
  • Wide Variety of stamps available
  • Also great in combination with colored concrete!

Q: What are Concrete Stamps?

A: Concrete Stamps are large rubber mats that are applied to the surface of the concrete just before it sets up to create a textured surface.

Q: Where do I get stamps?

A: Many contractors in the Salmon area have stamps. You also can rent them. Call us for more information & to see photos of finished stamping around the valley.


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