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Voyd DahleVoyd Dahle served in World War ll as a Seabee, running heavy equipment to build airbases in the Pacific. With his experience gained running bulldozers and excavators, as well as the $2400 he had saved from his paychecks while serving in the war, he decided to start an excavating business with his two brothers, Charlie and Norman. As veterans, Voyd and Norman were able to purchase half-tracks and scout cars at reduced cost from the army surplus in Salt Lake City. Voyd envisioned mounting a 1940s style backhoe onto a half-track to increase its stability and efficiency. The concept worked wonderfully, and the new backhoe was soon put to work cleaning ditches and excavating dirt. It wasn't long until they ventured into the sand and gravel business. In this undertaking, they used the backhoe to feed a homemade trammel; it proved successful in making washed sand and gravel.

In the early 1950s, the Cobalt Mine started up, and in order to help with the project, the Dahle brothers took out a loan to purchase another backhoe. Voyd took his backhoe to Cobalt and met the project manager, who wanted to see if Voyd was a good enough operator to do the job. After just a few minutes of digging, the project manager promptly said, “You're hired.” He then turned around and left Voyd to do his work without further supervision. It took several years to complete the digging of the water lines for the Cobalt town site.

Being in business with family members can sometimes be difficult. Eventually Voyd, Norman, and Charlie decided to go their separate ways. Charlie started a well-drilling business, Norman took one of the backhoes and continued the excavating business, and Voyd decided to get into the ready-mix concrete business. In 1957, Voyd borrowed $20,000 and purchased a new 7 yard mixer truck for $14,000 and a batch plant for $6,000, considerable sums of money for their time. He called his business Dahle's Red-E-Mix.

1957 International Mixer TruckAt the age of 10 years old, Lynn Dahle started to help by operating an Allis Chalmers HD-5 one-yard track loader. He left for college in 1959 and attended BYU in Provo Utah. Because of some health issues, Voyd approached Lynn in 1972, wanting to know if he would return and take over the business. Lynn and his wife, Diane, moved back to Salmon in 1973 to start a new life's journey at Dahle's Red-E-Mix.

Lynn continued to expand and grow the business and was soon able to purchase a new mixer truck and a 930 CAT loader. In 1989, it was decided that a portable crusher plant would help diversify the business and bring more efficiency to the production of concrete rock and sand. This opened opportunities to crush aggregate for distant road projects.

Lynn and Diane's son and daughter, Marc and Alisa, purchased Dahle’s Red-E-Mix, Inc. in 2007, becoming the third generation of Dahles to own the business. Marc loved to work alongside his Grandpa Voyd and his dad, becoming a constant shadow. At the age of 15, he drove the business's cement bulker solo to Idaho Falls, a 320 Early Michigan Loadermile round trip, to pick up bulk powder cement. He was a natural-born mechanic and equipment operator. In 1989, Marc graduated from high school and moved to Boise Idaho, where he worked for a sand and gravel business as a loader operator. In 1991, Marc came back to Salmon to help run Dahle’s Red-E-Mix. Marc now manages the concrete and crushing end of the business and is also the main mechanic.

Alisa graduated from high school in 1991 and the next year went to college, majoring in architecture and design. In 1994, Alisa came back to Salmon and started to help manage the office. She enjoys serving customers and trying to help things to run smoothly. She is now a co-owner of Dahle's Red-E-Mix and is involved in almost every aspect of the business. She manages the office, coordinates safety meetings, and proficiently keeps track of the books, finances, and scheduling.


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